At MACONS Socage, It is our vision to out-class traditional performance standards and continue delivering reliable & customer-driven solutions for a wide range of commercial, industrial and infrastructure applications.

List of Applications

  • Metro Rail Construction
  • Pre Engineering Building
  • Construction and Building Maintenance
  • Safety Inspections
  • Window Washing/Repair
  • Orchard Work
  • Electrical Line Repair
  • Tree Care Work
  • Facade Cleaning Work
  • Special Event and Entertainment Work
  • Sporting Events
  • Roller Coaster Repair and Maintenance
  • Indoor Retail Areas and Warehouses
  • Bridge Work
  • Pillars Maintenance Work
  • Airport Maintenance
  • Sport Club Renovation

Benefits of Aerial Working Platforms (Awp) Usage

  • Economical: AWPs are affordable, and they frequently deliver long-lasting ROI.
  • Ease to everyone: AWPs are easy to manoeuvre; thanks to an AWP training course, workers can quickly learn how to seamlessly manoeuvre an AWP in various work environments.
  • Compact: AWPs typically fit through single and double doorways. They may even be transported via elevator, depending on the elevator's load capacity.
  • Easy to Operate: An AWP generally requires only one operator who can quickly set up and start using the machine.
  • Versatility: AWPs can be used for a broad array of applications.