Truck Mounted Man Lifter


Maximum Working Height 43.50m
Maximum Platform Height 41.50m
Maximum Outreach 34m
Turntable Rotation / Slewing Range 700°
Basket Capacity 600kg
Aluminum Basket Dimension 230/330x90x110
Basket Rotation 360°
Fixed Controls Electric
Stabilizers HE+HE
PTT 26t
  • Emergency and stop button
  • Cross-check of open stabilizers
  • Anemometer
  • Load limiter in the basket
  • Moment limiter with double safety and control of correct operation
  • Multi axial device for visual control of frame stabilization
  • Emergency descent with electric pump (in the absence of the auxiliary motor)
  • Rotation brake of the turret with automatic insertion
  • Hydraulic system with differentiated filtering with high efficiency filters both on the delivery lines and on the return lines
  • Multifunction radio control for emergency control
  • Automatism for rotation lock with extension of the stabilizers on one side only
  • Chassis flatness sensor
  • Flanged block valves